What's New in Lunaserv?

Lunaserv 3 Released

The http portion of Lunaserv has been completely rewritten to remove the dependency on Rails. Lunaserv is now a Rack application and can continue to be deployed using Passenger as was previously recommended. In this new version comes better GML support, support for html templates for GetFeatureInfo responses, and easier deployment. Lunaserv no longer requires a database or LDAP. The authentication is now configurable and comes with a static auth or LDAP module. The new scheme also makes it easy to develop your own authentication module. If you need a database for some of your layers, this is now configurable as well. Included are a module for no database support, and a module for PostgreSQL support. It's also easy to develop your own database module if you're using some other system. The documentation hasn't quite caught up with the changes yet, but if you have any questions while we're working on that, sign up for the Google Group.