The Lunaserv Team

Nick Estes heads the development & administration teams at the LROC SOC. He wrote the original version of Lunaserv in 2009 supporting only the Moon in a dynamic orthographic projection, and also the SPICE wrapper for Ruby. Nick primarily maintains the Ruby on Rails portion of Lunaserv these days and supplies the team with an endless supply of crazy ideas.

Caleb Hanger is a developer at the LROC SOC, and when he's not working on the code that makes our instrument operations work, he takes care of most of the map utils portion of Lunaserv and also the web front-end. Caleb's work enabled the wide variety of layer types that Lunaserv supports. He also specializes in converting crazy ideas into reality.

Adam Licht is a developer at the LROC SOC. Adam did the initial work on the raster layer code that kicked off development of Lunaserv 2. This work became the foundation of multiple body support in Lunaserv. Adam also maintains the SPICE wrapper for Ruby.

Jeff Leland is the LROC SOC's web developer. Jeff helped with some of the layout for the web interface for Lunaserv, and he also developed the Lunaserv web site.

Alex Johnson is the LROC web designer. He designed this site.

The rest of the LROC Team! Nothing gets done in isolation around here; the entire LROC team has contributed to Lunaserv in one way or another from testing to data generation and everything in between.